Witch Hazel Uses

Nature’s Perfect Little Power Plant

Witch Hazel is a naturally effective herbal extract with exceptional cleansing, soothing, and healing properties. The twigs and bark of the Witch Hazel plant contain therapeutic constituents that when extracted and distilled create the clear, fragrant, natural astringent that has been known for generations as the most gentle natural skin care solution.

Discover how Witch Hazel has become one of
the world’s leading botanical ingredients for healing

Bring on the Skin

Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel natural skin care products will help maintain your skin’s normal balance without making it too oily or dry like other toners can. No matter what you use, you can use Dickinson’s Original Natural Witch Hazel first in the AM to prepare your skin, then again in the PM to repair it from damage, healing skin without stripping its essential moisture.

  • Normal Skin
    Removes everyday dirt, oil and impurities
  • Oily Skin
    Controls oil, eliminates shine and balances skin
  • Dry Skin
    Nourishes flaky & dull skin without removing essential moisture
  • Enlarged Pores
    Unclogs, refines and tightens pores
  • Sensitive Skin
    Cleans, calms & conditions without overdrying
  • Combination Skin
    Even out the areas that are oily here, or dry there

Witch Hazel, Nature’s
Little Power Plant

The ingredient that powers our products.

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