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Dickinson’s skincare gently removes dirt, excess oil and impurities
without overdrying. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel is dermatologist
recommended for most skin types and cleansing regimens.


Find the Witch Hazel that’s right for you!

Original Witch Hazel

Our Original Witch Hazel products are tried & true and set the standard for gentle skincare containing zero fragrances, soaps or dyes.

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Enhanced Witch Hazel

Introducing Enhanced Witch
Hazel with multi-benefit nutrients
to meet changing complexion

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Perfect for most skin types.
Essential for any skincare routine.

Dickinson’s skincare gently removes dirt and excess oil without leaving a sticky residue. Dermatologist recommended for most skin types and cleansing regimens.
What type of skin do you have? There is a Witch Hazel for you:

Dickinson’s Skin Care


Witch Hazel,
Nature’s Little Power Plant

The ingredient that powers our products.

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Dickinson’s Skin Care Products

When choosing skin care products, think about what is in them. Dickinson’s Skin Care products have Original Witch Hazel. Natural Witch Hazel Extracts tone skin and are dermatologist recommended. Dickinson’s exclusive blend of Witch Hazel plant extracts creates its signature botanical scent and make it gentle enough for even sensitive skin every day. Our products don’t have the laundry list of chemicals and additives that many other major skin care products do. That’s why when you choose Dickinson’s skin care products you can count on clean, healthy, naturally balanced skin without overdrying your skin.

We’ve been using the same formula of Witch Hazel for our Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Skin Care Products since 1866. To this day they are still the only gently cleansing skin care products made from Original Witch Hazel. We utilize sustainable, environmentally friendly, state of the art harvesting and manufacturing practices to ensure that every time you use Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel products you can feel good knowing that you have the natural skin care advantage that comes only from all natural Real Witch Hazel.

Our pore perfecting toner calms redness, removes oil, cools and refreshes the skin all while locking in moisture in a way no other skin care product can. Use it in the morning to prepare your skin for the day, and again in the evening to repair it from damage without stripping away essential moisture. Higher priced skin care products can contain acids, dyes and fragrances that can be harsh and harmful to your pores. Be careful not to pay more for skin care that cares less.

Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel On The Go Refreshingly Clean Towelettes are the perfect skin care product for on the go soothing, refreshing and toning. We combine Witch Hazel with aloe to help you remove impurities while nourishing even sensitive skin. Our towelettes are individually wrapped. Take them with you and leave other skin care products behind.

Our towelettes are truly a unique skin care product. An interlocking mesh design traps dirt and oils while spun lace fibers clean deep into pores. And, because they’re individually wrapped, you can bring them to the gym, the beach, work or on vacation.