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The Pure Power of Dickinson’s Witch Hazel

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Experience the Pure Power of Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Skincare, which contains more witch hazel than any other brand. We’ve always had one goal in mind: giving you naturally beautiful and pure skin. This is why Dickinson’s is a leader in natural skincare and makes America’s #1 toner* on the market.

It started in 1866, when Rev. Thomas Newton Dickinson saw an opportunity to bring the benefits of witch hazel to the masses. Born and raised in New England, Dickinson understood the powerful healing properties of the native plant, which was used by Native Americans as early as the 17th Century. He opened his first distillery, bottling witch hazel and setting the pure, all-natural standard for witch hazel production, and we’ve been honoring his craft since.

For over 150 years, 100% natural witch hazel has been the primary ingredient in all of Dickinson’s products, bringing you more effective, all-natural skincare solutions. Every winter, we hand-harvest organic-certified New England witch hazel at its peak bloom. We have perfected the distillation process in order to ensure that only the pure essence of the plant makes its way into our products so that we deliver highly efficacious witch hazel skincare to the market. We leave a positive impact on the environment, sustaining further growth of the witch hazel plant and utilizing an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

Our all-natural witch hazel-based skincare products gently cleanse, tone and refresh to purify all skin types. Our genuine witch hazel works with any beauty regimen, priming skin for whatever lies ahead. That’s the Pure Power of Dickinson’s.

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Witch Hazel, Nature’s
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