Our Promise

Safeguarding the Planet
Our Promise

Dickinson Brands’ commitment to advanced, eco-friendly research, development, and technology ensures that our products exceed the expectations of today’s environmentally conscious customers. Our pledge to responsible manufacturing practices ensures that we will continue to set the highest standards in our industry.

We continually seek to raise the bar for environmental responsibility and have designed our facility and operations to safeguard both our employees and the planet.

Our Promise
Dickinson Brands’ earth friendly practices include:

  • Proprietary Organic System Plan – Pulp Harvest
  • Heat reclamation – providing 95% of the facility’s heating and hot water requirements
  • Pulp recycling – providing natural landscaping mulch
  • Consumables recycling
  • Electricity from renewable resources
  • Energy conservation – lighting, insulation
  • Cruelty free production – no animal ingredients or testing
  • BSE/TSE free
  • Vegetarian and Vegan
  • Made in the USA

Witch Hazel, Nature’s
Little Power Plant

The ingredient that powers our products.

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